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Csúcsforma Fitness: 6726 Szeged, Szőregi út 80., Szeged NOVA
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"Impossible in nothing!”

In Csúcsforma personal training studio, You can exercise in a safe, controlled environment, with your coach, wathcing your needs, correcting your moves.This place is unique in Szeged, for it' s not only a fitness club, but a friendly community of people maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We provide training programmes set to Your needs and health condition, moreover dietetic consultation, massage and infra sauna. From freshmen to proffessional athletes, we' re wide open to everyone, any years of age.

Normally we do whole body trainings, as well as we look at things from a functional perspective. It means that we use several equipments (like TRX, Jumper, Dynair, Fitball, ect.) that provide an instabile surface, for improving balance, and for the harmonisation, economisation of movements. 

In the Team, you find highly qualified trainers and physiotherapists. However everyone has their specialisation: in functional training, circuit training, joga, HIIT/strength-cardio training, posture correction for children, pregnancy training and sport specific trainings, focused on proprioception, preventing any injurie, for effective developement.

Individualization of training-recreational, rehabilitation and prevention programs, is the key at Us. We focus on the needs and fitnes-goals of our Clients. All trainers maintain Your motivation by creative training programs, challenging You from time to time.

Healing effect of massage is known for ages, not only in physical but also in a mental way.
It' s Your time to relax, you will feel like a revival after a long day. You can choose several forms of therapeutic-swedish-thai-cellulit massage and aromatherapy, etc.

We start every meeting with a phisical-functional assessement, and renew it every mounth, so we can follow and show you the developement You made! To be more appropriate, we have a specific program for the registration of  these datas. Besides, we ask You to fill in a dietatic questionaire before a consultation about your eating habits. Then, You can join our Lifestyle Program, that is based on a low calorie diet, personalised training program, and a massage+infra sauna use, as a gift to everyone of our newly registered clients.

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Address: Csúcsforma Personal Training Studio

22, Boldogasszony Ave., 6725, Hungary

Telephone: +3670/33 93 559

E-mail: csucsformaszeged@gmail.com

Web: www.csucsforma.com

Opening hours:

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Monday - Friday: 05.30 - 21.00

Saturday: 7.00 - 16.00

Sunday: 8.00 - 12.00

Csúcsforma Personal Training Studio - 22, Boldogasszony avenue, Szeged, 6725.
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